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Xiaofan Zhang

Engineer and Entrepreneur

Future of Mobility and Energy Enthusiast

University of Cambridge Alumnus

Old Edwardian

Private Tutor


About Me

I'm Xiaofan Zhang, an engineer with several years' of experience in project managing large and complex electric vehicle projects from concept and completion. I'm a technology enthusiast with a particular interest in Electric Vehicles, Battery Technology, and the Future of Mobility and Energy. 

Over the last few years, I've been fortunate to have contributed to the innovative Cambridge Autonomous Metro, led the team that developed & raced Helia, one of the World's most efficient electric cars, and built a state of the art Solar Powered car to race at the World Solar Challenge. 

I hold a Master's degree and a Bachelor's degree in General Engineering from Selwyn College, University of Cambridge. 

My work has been featured in the following publications:

My Projects


Cambridge Autonomous Metro

I assisted the Technical Advisory Committee to the Cambridge Autonomous Metro to develop a counter-proposal for a region-wide autonomous transit system as part of my Master's degree at the Cambridge University Engineering Department.


Our ideas reduced the proposed cost of the innovative system from £4.5 billion to £2 billion and were described by the Mayor as a "game-changer".


One of the World's Most Efficient Electric Cars

I recruited and led a cross-functional team of 20 engineers at Cambridge University to develop, manufacture and race “Helia", a practical four-seat solar-powered electric family car. Helia was the first multiple-occupancy vehicle that CUER had built in its 11-year history, requiring over 35,000 person-hours of work.

Helia was built as a demonstrator for what can be achieved with today's EV and renewable technologies.


We launched Helia at the London Science Museum and it was the only UK entrant in the 2019 World Solar Challenge’s (WSC) cruiser class in Australia (3000km race on public roads through the Outback).



State of the Art Solar Powered Race Car 

I project managed the sub-teams within Cambridge University Eco Racing to design, test, build and race a competitive solar car for the 2017 World Solar Challenge in Australia.

Whilst our entry into the 2017 World Solar Challenge was prematurely ended by an incident during high-speed testing just days before the race, the project offered invaluable lessons that drove the success of the 2019 competition cycle. 

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